A Simple Truth

God is love.

We just have to accept each moment with perfect trust -knowing that ALL is from and of God, which is love in perfection.

It’s like we are living a life of a fish out of water and wondering why we are so miserable.
We keep asking ourselves and everyone else where’s God? Who is God?  Why can’t I find Him?
A fish doesn’t need to ask where the water is, a fish knows he is in and surrounded by water.
We are no different.  We only live with God.  We only exist in God. 
Everything is God and between everything is God. 
Stop searching for the water.  It is in you and all around you.

Just embrace the moment and flow with what is…..

There is no you and there is no me, there is just the perfection of what is.

No labels.

Just Love.




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